Acheron's Butchers

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Level: 2

Ranged: 4

Melee: 3

Infernal: 0

HP: 11

Loyalty: 2

Move Points: 2


Nothing I have ever seen compares. The hands of Mammon and Balphegor engaged at Sieve Valley. The Bordellos (Balphegor's shock troops) broke through the block of Letheans and were on the cusp of pushing those wallys into discord. From the ground arose this clipping sound of bird beaks and crab claws. Thousands of creatures surfaced. They tore through Bordello's flank with vice-like fists, then seperated those lush bodies like pulled meat. But as fast as they came, they were gone. The Lethean Phalanx simply stood and turned their heads some. -An account from the Battle of Sieve Valley

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