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LevelWrath (Martial Prowess) Deceit (Cunning) Prophecy (Intellect) Destruction (Wickedness) Diabolism (Charisma)
1 1 tactic per card
Tactic: Boost Attribute
Ritual: Combat Deception +1 Ritual Slots
Ritual: Dark Augury
Secret Objectives: Draw 1 Keep 1
Events: Draw 1 Keep 1
Ritual: Infernal Affliction Tribute: Draw 2 Keep 2
2 +1 Command Rating
Tactic: Decrease Attribute
Ritual: Strategic Confusion +1 Ritual Slots
Ritual: Demonic Premonitions
Secret Objectives: Draw 2 Keep 1
Ritual: Corruption of Essence Tribute: Draw 3 Keep 2
3 2 tactics per card
Tactic: HP Shield
+1 Healing Rate
Ritual: Pilfer, Coerce & Bribe
Can steal Artifacts
Ritual: Lies and Rumors
+1 Ritual Slots
+1 Healing Rate
Ritual: Infernal Negotiations
Ritual: Pain and Punishment Tribute: Draw 4 Keep 3
Demand Manuscripts
4 +1 Command Rating
Victory Prestige x1.5
Tactic: Deceit Protection
+1 Order
Can steal Praetors
Ritual: Secret manipulation
Ritual: Looting the Vaults
+1 Order
Events: Draw 2 Keep 1
Ritual: Infernal Eye
Secret Objectives: Draw 3 Keep 1
+1 Order
Ritual: Banish
Tribute: Draw 5 Keep 3
5 +1 Order
3 tactics per card
Tactic: Alter Rules
Ritual Masking
Can steal Relics
Ritual: Strategic Deception
+1 Ritual Slots
Ritual: Forbidden Lore
Ritual: Planar Lock Tribute: Draw 6 Keep 4
Ritual: Demand of Supplication
6 +1 Command Rating
Victory Prestige x2
Ritual: Infernal Juggernaut
Can steal Legions
Ritual: Fiendish Bureaucracy
Events; Draw 2 Keep 2
Ritual: Unholy Revelation
Secret Objectives: Draw 4 Keep 1
Ritual: Dire Dissipation Tribute: Draw 7 Keep 4
Ritual: Burnt Offerings
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