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Threat List Change: Changes to your threat list might take place during a specific phase (or before phase 1 if in first 10 turns), but since it will not change any costs required or choice options you have for the remaining phases, you can act as if it happens after phase 6. A specific case tested: moving someone up to spot 1 in phase 1, then casting a ritual at them in phase 2 and attempting to underpay to the correct cost for a level 1 threat target will just cause the ritual to fail for underpayment.

Consolidating Tribute: The tribute returns to your pool on the phase it is consolidated and can be stolen/destroyed by rituals that resolve after it.

Rituals vs Artifacts/Relics/Praetors/Legions: You target the item, not the owner. An item changing owners should not affect the ritual. If player A steals item X in phase 1, it can be stolen again phase 2 (and it will be listed as being taken from A).

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