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Download the .zip file and then overwrite 3 files and the GameData folder in the Program Files\Cryptic Comet\Solium Infernum folder. Make sure you overwrite the GameData folder and its files. You might need to delete the folder and then unzip the new one there to ensure that they are replaced.

Windows 7 users

It seems that windows 7 often creates another install location in AppData. If you are copying over the 3 files and the GameData folder to the Program Files location but the version on the game is still not going to 1.08 then you will need to update the files and folder in the AppData location. The easiest way to find this is to do a search for MainIFace.cxt and note the AppData location if it is returned.

Patch Notes

Rectification RELEASE 1.08c

May 3, 2012

(see 1.08c BETA for major fix list, no additional changes were listed for the full release, although the file sizes would indicate there were changes)

Rectification RELEASE 1.08c BETA

March 28, 2012

Major Fixes
  • Fixed Hellsculpt ritual
  • Fixed Curse of Diabolism ritual where an order to “seek out curiosities” did not count as a tribute request NOTE: Still having reports that some requests for tribute are not generating prestige loss when a player is cursed. If anybody thinks they have an example of this please send me a save game file or pbem folder from the turn when this happens (before the tribute request order is executed)
  • Fixed the Angelic Host taking the lava terrain bonus instead of the defending player legion
  • Fixed problems with events cancelling Vendettas not clearing out pending Demands as well
  • Fixed AI problems with the manage resources goal objects that caused the AI to over pay tribute for some rituals
  • Fixed AI crash with Assertion of Weakness goal object

Rectification RELEASE 1.08b

January 11, 2012

Major Fixes
  • Overhaul of the event timing system so that some events that were being shortchanged a turn got their full length of duration.
  • Fixed rare AI bugs dealing with special goals for Assertion of Weakness defense
  • Fixed AI bug where strategy pool for determining AI actions was not weighting all the “Bully Neighbor” goals appropriately
  • Fixed bug that sometimes prevented artifacts scavenged from the battlefield from appearing in players vault
  • Fixed problem with final prestige totals not being displayed above players at the end of the game

Rectification RELEASE 1.08a

November 30th, 2011

Major Fixes
  • Fixed Curse of Diabolism (again).
  • Fixed some events that were ending one turn too early.

Rectification RELEASE 1.08

November 25th, 2011

Major Fixes
  • Fixed calculation for the % chance generation of the diabolism curses.
  • Small fixes here and there like the secret objectives for insulting, demanding and framing all players now tell you who you still need to get to complete the objective.

Rectification BETA 1.07e

November 12th, 2011

Major Fixes

This is an update that hosts and single players should apply. It fixes a problem with Curse of Diabolism that can cause large prestige losses should a player request tribute while cursed.

Rectification BETA 1.07d

November 7, 2011

  • Some balance changes and corrected a host of bugs based on player feedback.
  • The reduction of all the Curse of Diabolism generation rates to 3% per tribute requested by any player
  • Added some +1 Prestige special abilities to the relics that had only one special ability
  • Lowered the resource cost for the Hell Sculpt and Summon Devourer rituals.
  • Lot’s of AI bugs fixed as well as some critical bugs with the new content.
  • The Assertion of Weakness option should no longer become active in non-Rectification games.

Rectification BETA 1.07c

October 18, 2011

  • Ambition now only triggers an automatic upgrade if you defeat your opponent in battle. If it is a draw you get a +10% increase in the level up chance instead.
  • Curse of Wrath can now randomly target the personal guard legion
  • Curse of Prophecy can now randomly target your stronghold
Major Fixes
  • Fixed major bug with phantom bonuses to player attributes due to change in code to accommodate curse effects
  • Problems with assertion have been fixed for the AI choosing target hexes
  • Fixed bug with Curse of Prophecy execution
  • Fixed issues with prestige drains for curses
  • Lots of display fixes for special abilities
  • Fixed Hell Sculpt ritual script error when destroying bridges
  • Improved AI use of support rituals when defending the Assertion hex

Rectification BETA 1.07b

October 14, 2011

Major Fixes
  • Private messages in multiplayer now working again
  • Vasdranai carpet now works
  • Fixed bug where Tournament Event would cause script error when it checked to see if the Conclave had the Wheel of Misfortune

Grammar errors

Rectification BETA 1.07a

October 11, 2011

Major Fixes
  • Fixed multiplayer loading bug

Rectification BETA 1.07

October 10, 2011

Solium Infernum: Rectification is a free mini expansion pack that brings new rules, mechanics and play elements to the game that pits you as an Archfiend with the ambition of ruling Hell.


First download the installation .zip file. You then install the mini expansion pack by unzipping the contents and overwriting the three files AIScripts.cxt, MainIFace.cxt and GameEngine.cxt in the Solium Infernum game directory which is usually Program Files\Cryptic Comet\Solium Infernum. You must also overwrite the data folder called “GameData” which is also located at Program Files\Cryptic Comet\Solium Infernum. If the install has been completed correctly you will see that “ v. 1.07 Beta” is displayed on the bottom left corner of the main menu screen.

General Improvements
  • Prompt for unused order slots
  • Prompt for insufficient tribute allocated when creating orders
  • Simple Auto Sort of manuscripts via mouse right click on tray
  • New Map Theme: Infernal Divide (map is divided by river in one direction and a chain of bottomless chasms in the other and then filled in with terrain)
  • Numerous Bug Fixes
General New Rule 
Framing For Excommunication

If a player attempts to frame another player for a ritual that will result in excommunication i.e. a ritual targeted against Pandemonium, then challenge results that end up in detection are followed not only by excommunication of the player attempting the frame but also prevention of that player from successfully framing the target ever again. Should a player attempt to frame that same player again, he will receive a turn log message that the Infernal Conclave is not so easily fooled and the resources spent to attempt the framing will be lost. The ritual itself is however not affected.

Optional Rule
Infernal Census

There is a check box on start game menu adding a new rule that every 10 turns players (not excommunicated) are awarded 1 prestige point per Canton that they control.

How To Activate Rectification Expansion Content

There is a Check box on the start game menu to include rectification content. The rectification content can only be accessed by creating a new game in any of the player modes i.e. single player, PBEM or hotseat.


New Content For Solium Infernum Rectification
New Rule
Excommunication Tribute

If a player is excommunicated, any time that he requests tribute, there is a chance that the tribute will not be delivered. The chance is 50% minus 5% for each level the Archfiend has achieved in the Diabolism discipline (power). Membership in the Infernal Conclave conveys certain advantages after all and the timely delivery of tribute is one of them.

Lava Fields Terrain 

Any legion defending in a Lava Field canton gets a +1/2/3 bonus (depending on the legions level) in a random challenge phase during the battle i.e. Ranged, Melee or Infernal. The bonus appears like a Combat Card bonus.

New Diplomatic Option
Assertion of Weakness

Use this action to lodge an Assertion of Weakness against your opponent in front of the Infernal Conclave. You will be required to wager prestige and designate a canton that you will seize from your opponent and hold for a certain number of turns. The prestige amount and the number of turns that you must hold the canton are based on your difference in Infernal Rank with the minimum number of turns being 3. Your opponent must reclaim the canton or lose it and prestige equal to that which you wagered. If you keep the canton until the end of the designated turn then you gain it and the prestige your opponent lost.

Prerequisite: You must have forced your target opponent to have accepted at least one insult before this option will appear. A Vendetta or a claim of an Assertion of Weakness between you and the target resets the existing Insult requirement.

Note for Asserter: The canton is selected by left clicking on the map when prompted. You can only choose cantons that are ADJACENT to your territory and NOT occupied by a legion or place of power.

Note for Asserter: You must occupy the canton immediately on the turn following your assertion or you will fail in the Assertion of Weakness. Once the first turn of occupation is complete and control has been established then you may leave the canton but you must keep control of the canton until the end of the turn limit or you will fail in the Assertion of Weakness. Failure happens if at the end of any game turn before the end of the turn limit, you do not control the canton.

Note for Asserter: You may not move into any other cantons controlled by the target of your Assertion of Weakness. You may not use any rituals against targets that you would not otherwise be able to use if your diplomatic stance with that target was neutral.

Note for Player Defending against the Assertion: You may not move into any cantons controlled by the player who has made the Assertion of Weakness against you OTHER than the Canton occupied or now controlled by the asserter. You may not use any rituals against targets that you would not otherwise be able to use if your diplomatic stance with that target was neutral EXCEPT for the targeting of a legion in the occupied canton. i.e. you MAY use Destruction rituals against any legion occupying the canton that is the object of the Assertion of Weakness.

New Manuscripts

Curses are acquired by possessing new Unholy Relics (and some Praetors). The Relics have special abilities that are triggered by game situations that yield the possibility of a curse manuscript being created for your use. If the condition triggers the creation of a manuscript, you will receive a turn log message and the manuscript will appear in your tribute tray. There are 5 curses that can be invoked.

Note: In order for the special ability of a praetor or relic to trigger and provide the generation of a curse manuscript, the praetor or relic cannot be in the player’s vault. A relic CAN be in a ritual chamber slot to be active for curse manuscript generation.

Curse of Wrath

Prestige Loss: Target legion’s level Duration: Level Invoker has achieved in Wrath Discipline (min 3) There is a chance of receiving a manuscript any time there is a battle involving a legion in hell. The curse targets opponent’s legion (randomly chosen NOT a personal guard) and drains prestige points every turn for a set duration. Cursed legions have their total combat attributes (i.e. including praetors and artifacts) halved and cannot use any special abilities including those from attachments like Praetors or Artifacts.

Curse of Deceit

Prestige Loss: Target’s level Duration: Level Invoker has achieved in Deceit Discipline (min 3) There is a chance of receiving a manuscript any time any player performs a deceit ritual. The curse targets opponent’s praetors, artifacts and relics (randomly chosen) and drains prestige points every turn for a set duration. Cursed praetors, artifacts and relics are not able to use or contribute their special abilities until the curse is lifted. This includes special combat moves for praetors. During single combat a cursed praetor will use a “Pass” combat move instead of a special combat move if the orders have already been given and the praetor is subsequently cursed.

Curse of Prophecy

Prestige Loss: Target Place of Power’s level Duration: Level Invoker has achieved in Prophecy Discipline (min 3) There is a chance of receiving a manuscript any time any player performs a prophecy ritual. The curse targets opponent’s Places of Power (randomly chosen but NOT strongholds) and drains prestige points every turn for a set duration. Cursed Places of Power have their total combat attributes (i.e. including praetors and relics) halved and cannot use any special abilities including those from attachments like Praetors or Artifacts.

Curse of Destruction

Prestige Loss: Level Invoker has achieved in Destruction Discipline x3 (min 9 points) There is a chance of receiving a manuscript any time any player performs a destruction ritual. Curse targets opponent directly and immediately forces the loss of prestige points.

Curse of Diabolism

Prestige Loss: Half the level Invoker has achieved in Diabolism Discipline (min 2 points) Duration: Level Invoker has achieved in Diabolism Discipline (min 3) There is a chance of receiving a manuscript any time any player requests tribute. Curse targets opponent directly and drains prestige points from player any time he requests tribute for a set duration.

New Rituals used via Unholy Relics
Hell Sculpt Ritual

Select a valid target Canton that does not contain a legion or Place of Power and change the terrain type to a different terrain type. The controlling player may only use this ritual once every 5 turns.

Options include: Build Bridge – must select valid river hex Destroy Bridge – must select valid bridge hex Raise Mountains – must select Infernal Plains Create Swamp – must select Infernal Plains Create Infernal Plains – must select Mountain, Swamp or Lava Flow Create Lava Flow – must select Infernal Plains

Shadow Binding Ritual

Select a legion controlled by any opponent regardless of diplomatic stance (perforned as a deceit ritual) and if the challenge roll is successful, temporarily remove all special abilities and attachment bonuses for a set number of turns.

Summon The Devourer

Select a canton that you control that does not contain a legion or place of power and summon “The Devourer.” The Devourer requires upkeep every turn but has a special ability that drains prestige from all opponents (except those who are excommunicated or in a Blood Vassal/Lord relationship with the controlling player). In addition another special ability gives The Devourer a chance to destroy Places of Power (except for Pandemonium) that lose a battle against it i.e. hit points for the Place of Power are reduced to 0. The Devourer must however survive the battle in order for it to have a chance to devour the Place of Power. While it is summoned, The Devourer does NOT count towards the controlling Archfiend’s legion Command Rating limit. If The Devourer is ever destroyed it CANNOT be summoned again. The Devourer heals all hit point losses between summonings. Attachments (except combat cards) placed on The Devourer are returned to the vault if The Devourer has left the game board because upkeep was not paid. Attachments placed on The Devourer are permanently lost if The Devourer is destroyed.

New Special Abilities
Evil Artifacts

Extended Support: When attached to a legion, this artifact allows that legion to lend battle support to friendly legions fighting up to two hexes away regardless of the intervening terrain

Resonance: Half the infernal attribute is added to any ranged or melee damage that is inflicted

Dismissal: When melee damage is dealt to an enemy, the enemy has all attachments IMMEDIATELY sent to its Archfiend’s vault

Ambition: When attached to a legion, this artifact ensures that it is promoted a level after any victorious battle where it inflicts more hp damage than its opponent

Unholy Relics

Font of Evil: When placed in an attachment slot it doubles the Prestige generated by control of that Place of Power including attached relics

Curse of Chains: Curses of Wrath, Deceit and Prophecy invoked by the Archfiend who controls this relic receive +4 turns in duration. The Curse of Destruction and Curse of Diabolism receive +4 in prestige loss.

Shadow Shield: When placed in an attachment slot of a Place of Power (except Pandemonium), that Place of Power can never be captured by an opponent

Misfortune: When an opponent’s praetor battles a praetor that you control in single combat, all luck rolls for the opponent’s praetor will equal zero

+ X% Curse of Wrath: The Archfiend who controls this relic has a +X% chance of receiving a Curse of Wrath manuscript any time there is a battle involving a legion in hell

+X% Curse of Deceit: The Archfiend who controls this relic has a +X% chance of receiving a Curse of Deceit manuscript any time a Deceit ritual is performed

+X% Curse of Prophecy: The Archfiend who controls this relic has a +X% chance of receiving a Curse of Prophecy manuscript any time a Prophecy ritual is performed

+X% Curse of Destruction: The Archfiend who controls this relic has a +X% chance of receiving a Curse of Destruction manuscript any time a Destruction ritual is performed

+X% Curse of Diabolism: The Archfiend who controls this relic has a +X% chance of receiving a Curse of Diabolism manuscript any time a request for tribute is made


+ X% Curse of Wrath: The Archfiend who controls this praetor has a +X% chance of receiving a Curse of Wrath manuscript any time there is a battle involving a legion in hell

+X% Curse of Deceit: The Archfiend who controls this praetor has a +X% chance of receiving a Curse of Deceit manuscript any time a Deceit ritual is performed

+X% Curse of Prophecy: The Archfiend who controls this praetor has a +X% chance of receiving a Curse of Prophecy manuscript any time a Prophecy ritual is performed


Demon Envy: Every non-excommunicated, non-blood vassal/lord opponent loses 2 Prestige Points each turn

Devour: When The Devourer survives a battle and defeats a Place of Power (except Pandemonium), the Place of Power must roll a d6 and add its level. If the number is less than 10 then it is destroyed and removed from the map

Reinforce: When this legion is purchased in the Infernal Bazaar, on the following turn the controlling player has the option to send the legion to Pandemonium as a gift or choose one of his own Places of Power increasing its combat stats by the legion’s values (ranged, melee, infernal and hit points). The legion is then removed from the game.

Unofficial Patch

March 25, 2011

Bug Fixes (partial)

Fixed bug that allowed Dark Augury to return already known information when there was still unknown information to be found.


August 30th, 2010

Update Instructions

This is sort of a micro update. It does have an important fix for players attempting to frame other players for attacking Pandemonium so it’s worth updating for that.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug introduced in 1.06a that could cause script error if a player tried to frame another player for attacking Pandemonium with a ritual that resulted in excommunication

Fixed bug in AI for Goal Wage Offense Operations In Blood Feud that could result in script error if a specific attack option was selected

Fixed bug in AI for Goal Support Blood Feud Legion Movement that would result in script error if Secret Manipulation ritual was chosen and path could not be determined

Improved AI selection process for attacking enemy legions during Vendetta. Weak legions supporting Places of Power or other legions have an increased probability of being attacked first

Improved AI goal priority architecture so that actions are spread out more logically based on which threats have legions in threatening positions….. i.e. prestige differences are still big factors but that multiplier has been decreased.

Improved AI threat assessment algorithm so that threat reassessment of opponents is now done for the AI’s every turn.

Fixed error in Demonic Trance combat move resolution where infernal damage from neutralized opponent’s moves was not being negated


July 25th, 2010

Rules Changes (Important) 

Infernal Juggernaut can now only be performed once on a specific friendly legion and therefore cannot be stacked

When framing a player for a ritual targeting Pandemonium the framed player now gets his resistance to deceit bonus added to the Pandemonium modifier of +10 (was +8 previously). Additionally if the framed player has Demonic Premonitions active then his Prophecy level is also added to the challenge modifier.

Planar Lock can no longer be stacked on the same target player. i.e. You may only have one Planar Lock active at any time on any given target player

Planar Locks performed using ritual masking when a diplomatic stance of Vendetta, Blood Feud or Excommunication does NOT exist between the two players cannot be continued automatically from turn to turn i.e. the ritual must be performed again with the accompanying normal chance of success or failure.

Planar Locks can no longer be continued more than ONE turn past the expiration of a Vendetta. You will receive a turn log message to this effect when a Planar Lock continues over into a turn but the Vendetta has ended. Planar Locks may still be continued indefinitely if the target is excommunicated or in a blood feud with you.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug introduced in 1.06 that could cause script error if a player was eliminated from game

Fixed bug in Panic special ability where hp damage was not being assigned

Fixed loophole where diplomatic actions could continue with blood vassal if demand/insult was issued after blood vassal proposal was made but before it was accepted

Fixed bug in Planar Lock continuation when targeted against multiple opponents on the same turn

Fixed bug where blood vassal legions were not removed to valid controlled hexes at the end of a Vendetta if they were in enemy territory

Fixed UI bug where acknowledging some rare information messages did not removal all modal lock conditions

Fixed AI script bug that sometimes occurred when AI’s attempted to use secret manipulation ritual to move an opponent’s legion into battle with another legion or place of power

Fixed bug in display of total tribute cards when tribute is assigned for orders

Fixed bug in conceding territory during diplomatic responses

Fixed bug in Pilfer, Coerce and Bribe ritual if performed after player had already lost stronghold and legion bribe attempt was successful resulting in legion going over to player who was to be eliminated at end of turn.

Fixed bug where ritual cap event was still affecting excommunicated players even though it is a Conclave decree and should not apply to them


April 25th, 2010

Bug Fix And Change Notes (Only Partial)

Fixed bug where player perk bonuses where not being added to deceit roll for frame attempt success

The bonus for Pandemonium in determining successful framing for hostile rituals is now 10 instead of 8

If a player has demonic premonitions active and is the target of a ritual (not the player being framed) then they now receive their Prophecy roll number as a bonus when determining whether frame attempts are successful

Fixed bug in AI selection of Rain of Brimstone and Vile Oath

Fixed bug where player could be excommunicated by event and still selected regent

Fixed bug where paying to continue Planar Lock did not actually continue the lock effect

Implemented update message to target of Planar Lock that has been continued to the next turn

Fixed bug where wrong message was sent when player performed rituals against Pandemonium and was excommunicated

Fixed bug where loyalty for legions was not getting demonic premonitions bonus when events that required a loyalty check occurred

Fixed bug in AI goal that directed the destruction of opponent’s legions

Fixed error in display of 3 digit resource stockpiles

Fixed bug in Dire Dissipation ritual so that attributes as well as hit points are permanently reduced (as the manual says they should be)

Increased average reformation times of personal guard legions for lower infernal rank Archfiends

Fixed AI bug where wrong support ritual was being performed during attacks on unclaimed Places of Power

Increased range threat threshold that AI uses for determining threats to own stronghold by excommunicated players

Fixed AI bug where goal processing cycled endlessly between goals for buffing up legion for attack and moving legion to attack because battle success chances did not match

Fixed AI bug where even though a Machine was completed it did not get constructed if the AI prioritized a different goal because the Create Machine goal was removed from the stack and also not in the possible goals pool

Fixed bug where excommunication of player removed all mod objects from player and not just mod objects that were Infernal Conclave Decrees


March 8th, 2010

Bug Fixes

The main point of this update is to correct a problem that occurs in games with Blood Vassals and Blood Lords where the Blood Vassal does not get credit for actions during Vendettas. There are some other fixes as well but the main one is the Blood Vassal problem.


February 18th, 2010

Bug Fix Notes (Only Partial)

Fixed bug where attaching Praetor with level bonus to Place of Power resulted in PoP gaining that level bonus to its level permanently

Fixed bug where player did not get refunded prestige wager from Vendetta when opponent was excommunicated.

Fixed bug where legion returned to Bazaar for lack up upkeep displayed EOF text for artifacts and relics attached.

Fix bug with Dimensional Gate ritual that allowed player to abuse targeting process

Fixed bug where legion that was bought in Bazaar but did not have valid Canton to deploy to had inspect icon on message that caused script error when clicked on.

Fixed bug in level up response message for Praetor who defeated Champion of Pandemonium

Fixed bug where player was excommunicated multiple times with repeat messages and the excommunication list also had multiple entries for player causing problems with Expel the Heretic event and Dissolution of the Conclave

Fixed bug where event to reinstate excommunicated players was not working properly when one player could not be reinstated due to the fact that they were occupying Pandemonium at the time.

Fixed bug where player removed from game was not also removed from excommunication list

Fixed bug in Conclave dissolution process where loss of Pandemonium due to event could result in control being assigned to Conclave which does not exist

Fixed bug where you could dismiss Personal Guard under certain conditions

Fixed bug where Bribing an enemy legion without having a valid deploy hex caused an error

Fixed bug where removal of a player from the game could cause incorrect visibility data for newly created legions in the Bazaar

Fixed bug for Strategic Confusion ritual where selecting invalid target messed up remaining targeting choices


January 23rd, 2010

Change Notes

Fixed bug that occurred when Dire Dissipation was directed towards a place of power

Fixed bug where defeating the Champion of Pandemonium or defending your title granted your praetor an extra level up

Fixed bug where failed Infernal Negotiations ritual could still provide Prestige Bonus when diplomatic actions by other players resolved

Fixed bug where Pandemonium could be placed on top of a player’s stronghold in rare cases during map generation

Fixed bug where AI tried to put combat card on legion that had 0 in all three combat attributes

Fixed bug where Dangerous Bickering event did not cancel vendettas that were initiated in response to a diplomatic order that was already underway when the event was played.

Fixed bug where changing a human player to an AI player was not possible unless player had submitted turn already or player .trn file was deleted

Fixed bug where player changed to AI player still read as human player even though turn submission indicated that player was no AI and checked off

Fixed bug where legion could be given Black Ring promotion by event twice.

Fixed bug where AI goal to prepare for upcoming Vendetta could be removed from stack if certain conditions occurred resulting in AI losing track of the fact that a Vendetta was ongoing.

Fixed bug where Faust’s contract did not provide +1 to dip rank if located in ritual chamber slot

Fixed bug where transfer of relic to ritual slot was not marked as complete as soon as the phase for the order had ended but rather was waiting until all 6 phases had processed

Fixed bug where player could initiate diplomatic action and then the next turn petition to be a Blood Vassal. Blood Vassal petition requires that you have no ongoing diplomatic actions with any players

Fixed bug where double click of process turn button could create a stale turn process. Implemented one turn process safety lock

Fixed bug in AI Create Combat card permutations algorithm for determining best combos.

Orders to create Combat Cards that result in the attempt to assign them to legions or places of power that are no longer under your control now fail and the resources are returned to your vault.

Balance Changes

Starting legion strength is no longer tied directly to infernal rank. The strength of players starting legions is now dependent on the number of points assigned to Martial Prowess, Cunning, Intellect and Wickedness. There is still a small random element as well but the overall variance has been decreased.

Stronghold strength still is linked to infernal rank but the algorithm for allocating points to the stronghold has been changed to decrease the variability and to improve the lowest positions (Lord, Baron) in comparison to the others (Duke, Prince)

The Dimensional Gate ritual cannot be used to “gate” a legion into a target hex that contains a legion or place of power at the time of targeting. If a valid target legion should occupy the hex before the ritual is executed during the turn processing then a battle will take place.

AI Improvements

Rewrote and improved algorithm Decide Declare Vendetta Against Player to be more aggressive and to also create sub goals to increase chances of a successful Vendetta

Rewrote and improved algorithm for increasing core attributes associated with AI archetype

Improved AI ability to dynamically switch archetypes based on game state and current attributes

Changed AI goal weights so that more attention is given to increasing the power of legions already owned rather than buying new legions.

Improved AI path finding to station legions near opponent’s border when deciding on insults and demands. If legions are already stationed near the border, then improved the speed of the goal processing.


January 21st, 2010

contained a bug that caused script errors and was quickly replaced by 1.05a


December 14th, 2009

  • released with significant AI code missing - immediately replaced with 1.04a


December 5th, 2009

Update Notes

Fixed bug where AI using Pain & Punishment ritual could cause crash

Fixed bug where AI could capture stronghold during vendetta because of error in targeting algorithm

Fixed bug in AI Goal for capturing enemy Places of Power where alternatives to direct assault were not being considered and goal was failing prematurely

Fixed bug where AI could ignore ritual bans in certain circumstances

Fixed bug where tribute card could be create with 0 for one of the resources

Fixed bug in AI calculate permutations algorithm

Fixed bug where Place of Power that rebelled because of Blackest Insurrection event would retain a Praetor as an attachment

Fixed bug where movement through own stronghold to attack adjacent hex was being halted by bad Blood Lord/Vassal detection code

Fixed bug where Avatar Names that were slightly different could be loaded instead of the intended avatar. This was a failure to sort error.

Fixed bug where Paladin in Hell event could target artifact that was on legion embarked on Infernal Crusade

Fixed bug where Corruption of Essence was not correctly canceling out opponent’s rituals causing a script error

Fixed bug where relics were not being transferred over to new owner of a captured place of power.

Fixed bug where reshuffle failed to prevent duplicate events in some rare cases.

Fixed bug where Angelic Host could cause AI to cycle endless between pathing goals while trying to avoid it

Fixed bug loophole where AI could still perform some 4+ level rituals even if event had banned them.

Fixed iron man delete not working

Fixed bug where details of combat with Champion of Pandemonium were not visible to all players

Fixed bug where attempting to banish a praetor that had already been banished that turn caused a script error

Fixed bug in display of starting hit points for Grand Tournament and Champion of Pandemonium single combats

Fixed bug where manuscript that trains legion in loyalty could be applied to personal guard with unpredictable results since value is symbol and not integer

Fixed bug where Secret Manipulation ritual was not marking legions as having been moved when successful

Fixed bug in up and down scroll for responding to events with a large selection of items

Fixed bug in Beast event log item that would occur if devastated place of power was former stronghold of banished Archfiend

UI Improvement

Right click on the tribute pad when the tribute tab is selected now auto sorts the tribute cards according to the Tom Chick method.


November 29th, 2009

Update Notes

Fixed bug where Infernal Dissipation artifact power would cause script error when used on Place of Power

Fixed bug where Panic artifact power was enhancing and not decreasing the target’s combat attributes

Fixed bug where Favorite of the Conclave event was being ignored by AI players

Fixed bug where Intel Failure event was not preventing prestige from being visible during some player info dialogue boxes

Fixed bug where dissolution of Conclave after all players were eliminated or excommunicated was not happening

Fixed bug where Mountain Walk legion could gain control of mountain hex

Fixed capture Pandemonium warning not clearing after acknowledgement

Fixed master of bazaar warning in Bazaar not clearing after acknowledgement

Fixed bug where Praetor could not be removed from some Places of Power

Fixed bug where Cancel Conclave decrees was not affecting some decrees.

Fixed bug where Grand Tournament of Pandemonium could get multiple copies of entrant from same player

Fixed bug where relic in ritual slot could cause script error if check was made for “continuous ritual”

Fixed bug where AI would cycle endlessly between Goal_BuildForceForUnclaimedPoPCapture and Goal_CaptureUnclaimedPoP because the algorithm to select assaulting legions was different

Fixed bug where legion flying to attack PoP and being forced to retreat without valid retreat hex could be removed from the board but not the game

Fixed bug where when legion was destroyed by Destruction ritual, a view legion button was generated for the message in the turn log. Clicking on button caused script error.

Fixed bug where Oath of Retribution would not trigger if Champion was in second slot of the single combat (defending)

Fixed error in algorithm for generating starting legions for players

Fixed bug where training Praetor with Bone Breaker could fail if manuscripts were placed in a wrong order (all other training manuscripts were not affected)

Fixed bug where banished AI player could try to reconstitute its personal guard

Change to PBEM Game Naming

You may now only use letters and numbers to name a PBEM game. Spaces between words or at the end of the name are not allowed. NOTE: This is only for starting NEW GAMES. Previously started games are NOT affected.

AI Fixes

Fixed design error where Turtle type strategies could be generated for all opponents since they represent 25% of the AI Archetypes

Allowed turtle Archetypes to bully weak neighbors and not just runaway leaders

Decreased the threshold for detecting potential runaway leader

Increased stochastic element for AI decision making on Vendetta when projected win rate is close to 50% for some AI sub personalities. in the Aggressive Wrath, Deceit, and Wickedness Archetype categories


November 25th, 2009

Initial release (1.01 had an install shield bug. 1.00 was a beta test I guess.)

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