The 300

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Level: 2

Ranged: 0

Melee: 6

Infernal: 0

HP: 8

Loyalty: 3

Move Points: 2


1 wild boar, 740 lbs; 12 dozen yellow onions, sautéed until aromatic; 9 heads of garlic, diced and then stuffed under game’s skin; the arms and legs of ten thousand slain Persians, minced. Combine minced meat with one-half lb. of basil and one-quarter lb. of sage. Use as stuffing for game. Cook boar until juice runs clear. To taste, sauté remaining minced pieces with olive oil, salt, coriander, and pepper. Serve alongside boar. Garnish with parsley. --From Leono’s “A Feast of Honor”

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