The Ba'lrag of the Pit

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Type: Praetor

Loyalty: 3

Level: 8

HP: 15

Attack: 18

Defense: 9

Infernal: 9

Luck: 4

Combat moves: Sinew Slice, Tentacle Rupture, Obsidian Skin

As a Champion of Pandemonium, The Ba'lrag of the Pit is not purchasable from the Bazaar. Rather he is one of the praetors that must be defeated to become the new Champion of Pandemonium.


The Lord of Shadows is truly a magnificent champion to behold. I have seen him fight a dozen opponents simultaneously and not seem to lack in vigor or martial grace. One almost suspects that it is a form of ritualistic self annihilation to proffer a challenge to such an opponent. And yet if that is not the case then like moths to a flame they come on with naïve expectations that anything short of torment in the Abyss awaits them - From "An Account of Philotormentius at the Grand Arena" vol. iv

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