The Cthonian Crawlers

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Level: 2

Ranged: 2

Melee: 4

Infernal: 0

HP: 8

Loyalty: 3

Move Points: 2

Mountain Walk


They have burrowed holes through my cellar and the beams supporting my chamber. I have seen two of them in the dark: small shiny eyes; long, fleshy torsos; tentacled, or wired with the legs of a spider. Their skin shimmers from the light of my study. They click some with their mouths, and I hear the sound of earth rubbing itself. They have made no attempt to ascend the stairs, and for that I feel no fear. My liege, grant me the manpower to exterminate these beasts before they grow too numerous. --A private letter from Cleric Maximus to his Lord Patron, the Baron Sitri

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