The Darkwing Legion

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Level: 3

Ranged: 5

Melee: 5

Infernal: 1

HP: 9

Loyalty: 4

Move Points: 2

Flying 3


Day 1: A severed head from Viridis Extraho lies in Sieve Valley. I’ve pulled it behind a rock, perhaps it’s of value. It’s enormous. Probably eighty-five in weight. Must move it home. Day 3: Head shows no decomposition. Neck is shallow and soft, but it’s liquid does not drain from its cut. Fascinating. Day 7: Neck seems longer than I remember. I’ve devised a system to move it. Can’t use sorcery for fear of others. Must choose hours wisely. Day 8: I swear I saw the eyes look skyward then close. What to do? --From the diary of Engineer Devon

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