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There are some keyboard shortcuts:

  • Space Bar - open/close the Ministerium
  • B - open/close the Bazaar
  • N - center the map on your next legion
  • M - center the map on your next stronghold/place of power
  • , - center the map on the next enemy legion
  • . - center the map on the next enemy stronghold/place of power

On the tribute screen, right click to sort the resources cards by type. Does not work for manuscripts (except with the Rectification expansion).

In the Ministerium, many pages have a secondary menu at the bottom of the window.

  • Turn Log: Display All messages, or limit to just Military, Ritual, Tribute, Diplomatic, Events, or Avatar related messages.
  • Tribute: Click on Manuscripts to toggle between resource and manuscript cards.
  • Diplomacy: View either Relations to other players, or view the progress of your Objectives.
  • Forces: Select the type of forces to view (Legions, Places of Power, Praetor, Artifacts & Relics, or Events).
  • Avatar: View either Stats or available Powers.
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