Adamantine Golem

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Type: Artifact

Level: 5

Stunning Blow: A successful melee attack does double damage and reduces the opponent's attributes to 0 for the remainder of the round of combat

Melee +4: Add +4 to melee attribute

No Fly: The legion possessing this artifact may not fly


Its mouth opened, and I could see dark liquid from an unluckier beast against the luster shining from the hollow of this golem's head. It didn’t speak, nor did it make a sound save the bellow of the little men held by its fingers and the groan that came each time its elbow, wrist, or neck turned with deliberation. I had struck it once across the knuckles, but that left my hand pulsing with the sound of my blade’s song against a harder material. We needed something larger and more powerful than our legion could muster alone. --From the diary of Yfelber

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