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Artifact Level Abilities
Adamantine Golem 5 Stunning Blow, Melee +4, No Fly
Ark of Damnation, The 5 Power of Damnation, Infernal +4
Banner of the Flayed Apostate 4 Level Roll +4, Loyalty +4, Infernal Burst
Drums of Woe, The 4 Sound of Doom, Loyalty +3
Great Horn of Doom, The 4 Panic, Level Roll +2, No Fly
Great Scythe, The 4 Vampiric Reaping, Melee +2
Hellfire Ballista 5 Sulpherous Burns, Ranged +4, No Fly
Ichor Vats, The 3 Demonic Salve, No Fly
Infernal Engine 4 Siege Engine, Melee +2, Ranged +2, Infernal +2, No Fly
Lance of the Leper King, The 4 Leper King's Curse, Melee +3
Malevelant Totem, The 4 Totem Power, Infernal +3
Orb of Oblivion, The 3 Oblivion
Rod of Haruspex, The 4 Infernal Dissipation, Infernal +4
Rod of Pain, The 4 Flesh Rend, Melee +2
Tent of the Flayed Apostates 4 Center of Evil
Throne of Skulls, The 4 Seat of Command
Walking Fortress, The 4 Hit Point Bonus 10, Ranged Resistance 5, Melee Resistance 5, Ponderous, No Fly
Wheel of the Broken, The 4 Wall Ram, Melee +5, No Fly
Wicked Wain, The 3 Dark Aura, No Fly
Wyrrmm Mounts 4 Trample, Swift +1, No Fly
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