Alien God in a Bottle

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Type: Relic

Level: 4

Prestige +1: This relic grants +1 Prestige Point each turn to the owner only if it is placed in a Stronghold or Place of Power attachment slot

+3 Resist Prophecy: Add +3 to any rolls of the Archfiend who controls this relic while defending against the Prophecy Power of another Archfiend


Xevochumilain is the closest translation for the name of a god from the Voxuridiiis, a race responsible for the perpetual expansion of the universe through the spiritual engineering of stars, planets, and astral gasses. (These celestial bodies are, in effect, a form of living mass not yet identified by humankind.) Xevochumiliain is alive in a glass decanter, yet he does no more than blink and move his facial appendages in a methodical, calculated pattern. --Encyclopedia Infernal

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