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Relic Level Abilities
A Beliit 3 +4 Tribute Roll
Alien God in a Bottle 4 Prestige +1, +3 Resist Prophecy
Amulet of Shadows, The 2 +3 Resist Deceit
An Odd Portrait 4 Prestige Bonus +30
Black Heart, The 2 +3 Resist Destruction
Book of Enoch, The 5 +1 Order Slot
Bowl of Abject Darkness, The 4 Prestige +1, Evil Sanctuary
Crown of Fire, The 4 Prestige +1, +2 Destruction Roll
Eye of Vengeance, The 3 +2 Destruction Roll, +2 Prophecy Roll, +2 Loyalty Bonus
Faust's Contract 5 +1 Diplomacy Rank, Diabolism +1
Finger of Betrayal, The 2 +3 Deceit Roll
Goblet of the Traitor 4 Prestige +1, Anointed of Ash
Hand of the Executioner, The 4 Wrath +1
Iron Maiden of Insatiable Thirst, The 4 +2 Tribute Roll, +2 Command Rating
Key of Solomon, The 4 Diabolism +1
Lemegeton Seal, The 4 Prophecy +1
Necronomonicus, The 4 Prestige +1, +1 Ritual Slot
Phylactery of Putrid Essence, The 5 Prestige +1, Demonic Flesh
Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, The 5 +1 Order Slot
Puzzle Cube, The 4 +2 Healing Rate, Dimensional Gate
Reliquary of False Prophets, The 4 Prestige +1, +2 Healing Rate
Scrolls of the Nephilim, The 4 Destruction +1
Skull of the Vile Saint, The 4 Prestige +1, +1 Command Rating
Talisman of Greed, The 4 +2 Tribute Roll, +50% Manuscripts
Tongue of the Liar, The 4 Deceit +1

Relics can be placed in your ritual slots, Stronghold or Places of Power. Relics left in your vault do not generally have an effect on the game (an exception would be An Odd Portrait).

  • If a relic grants prestige each turn, it must be in a PoP/Stronghold to get that prestige. If it's in a ritual slot or the vault, no prestige is gained.
  • If a relic grants the casting of a ritual, it must to be in a ritual slot (an additional ritual slot is needed to cast the ritual itself).
  • If a relic grants other bonuses (like adding points to an attribute, combat roll, or prestige roll), it can be in PoP/Stronghold OR in a ritual slot.
  • If the relic is in the vault, it is inactive.

Relics in ritual slots or your vault are harder to steal using deceit than ones placed in your Stronghold or Places of Power because the thief must first use a ritual to discover the existence of the relic before attempting to steal it.

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