An Odd Portrait

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Type: Relic

Level: 4

Prestige Bonus +30: This relic grants +30 Prestige Points to the Archfiend who controls it at the end of the game. However, each turn that passes until the end of the game will cost you a prestige point in upkeep.


The brush work is pure genius. The palette charms and pleases the eye. Yet something grates. A stuttering voice seems to eminate from the canvas lilting slightly with the tremulo of a distressed sacrificial goat: The Master will be pleased. -- Ruminations on a curiosity of evil by the Infernal Curator Sagituxus


You can leave the portrait in the vault and it will still work as designed. You will lose 1 prestige each turn you own it even if it is in the vault. If you own it at the end of the game, you will get the 30 prestige bonus even if it is in the vault. You can attach it to a stronghold, place of power, or put it in a ritual slot, but doing so will not change its behavior.

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