Banner of the Flayed Apostate

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Type: Artifact

Level: 4

Level Roll +4: Add +4 to legion's level for purposes of combat and resistance rolls and determining the number of attachment slots

Loyalty +4: Add +4 to legion's loyalty

Infernal Burst: When melee damage is dealt to an enemy a bonus equal to the unit's current infernal attribute is added to the total damage


At first my eyes were drawn to the old tattoo Bezel bore on his back. It was that of a sun, and I knew it well because we had spent much time together in the flagellation rooms before our admittance into Lucifer’s clergy. He was a stubborn sort of thing. Silent. Pensive. Pioneering in his writings and beliefs. And I should have been shocked to see his flesh spread and quilted against the harsh wind of the valley, yet the thought of his body used against my enemy seemed to placate me. At least in the moment. --The opening paragraph of Suffragan Pazul’s memoirs

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