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Type: Praetor

Loyalty: 3

Level: 2

HP: 11

Attack: 7

Defense: 7

Infernal: 0

Luck: 2

Melee +3: Add +3 to melee attribute

Ranged +3: Add +3 to ranged attribute


“He descended the heavens for coitus with mortals.” “Have you seen their softer gender? I blame him not.” “Nor I, moments of the flesh are reaped now; other things may never fruit. But at some point, dear Alfry, one must put aside transit things for the betterment of something larger.” “Of what do you speak?” “I speak of our unification and the spreading of discontent against our former father.” “Is not Baraqiel’s exploit the betterment of our way?” “I’m afraid not. One best undermines strong foes through organization. Baraqiel’s exploits are elementary indulgences.” --From “A Treatise on Reformation, Presented in Dialogue”

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