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Type: Praetor

Loyalty: 2

Level: 3

HP: 8

Attack: 4

Defense: 4

Infernal: 3

Luck: 1

Ranged +4: Add +4 to ranged attribute

Level Roll +2: Add +2 to legion's level for purposes of combat and resistance rolls and determining the number of attachment slots


Bifrons. Male. Roughly seventy-eight years younger than Adam. Currently holds the title Earl. Seems to have a passing fascination with transmuting human corpses into various forms as well as transporting them to other, non-orthodox places such as a chair or in a human’s bedchambers. Is a student of alchemy and has written a philosophical work on applying sciences and arts towards the betterment of the Dark Prince. Seems to prefer the form of beast over his other public shape: a man. --Private notes by Archivist Epistemol for an uncompleted genealogical and political history of Hell

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