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Type: Praetor

Loyalty: 3

Level: 3

HP: 10

Attack: 8

Defense: 7

Infernal: 3

Luck: 2

Melee +4: Add +4 to melee attribute

Level Roll +3: Add +3 to legion's level for purposes of combat and resistance rolls and determining the number of attachment slots


It seems as if Bune sours over our arrangements. I have reason to believe he positions himself for the responsibilities that you and I share. What more does he expect? It is not that he lacks the manpower to accomplish such feat; he lacks the fortitude and spiritual constitution to rub horns with a member of the High Peerage. I fear nothing. To me, he is powdered bone. However, Bifrons, I suggest you watch your own. --Private letter from Murmur to Bifrons, transcribed by Murmur’s private scrivener, Lulas

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