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Type: Praetor

Loyalty: 3

Level: 3

HP: 13

Attack: 8

Defense: 6

Infernal: 0

Luck: 3

Ranged +2: Add +2 to ranged attribute

Melee +3: Add +3 to melee attribute


I found this letter two days ago. It reads: “Focalor has never fully recovered from the first millennium after his spiritual eviction. He lacks his previous power to ruin those tiny little ships that mankind built off their lust for new lands. He is weathered, and I think it best to handle him through quick and fierce justice. Be a woman of the twilight. Lure him into seclusion so I may strike him down and join you as a greater demon.” It was written in the hand of my suffragan. --From the diary of Bishop Bezel

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