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Type: Praetor

Loyalty: 3

Level: 2

HP: 11

Attack: 9

Defense: 6

Infernal: 3

Luck: 2

Melee +3: Add +3 to melee attribute

Infernal +2: Add +2 to infernal attribute


What we lack in Lucifer’s Choir is a comprehensive understanding of love and its effects on human subjects. Manipulation through deception, our marquee weapon in corrupting the Image, requires the deconstruction and examination of our subject across all plains: physical, spiritual, mental, emotional. I write for Furfur’s admittance into the Choir based on his works with human emotions and sexual gratification. No more shall war, famine, and disease be our main weapons in redirecting humans away from their creator. Other, more fruit-bearing routes allow equal travel. --Private letter from Bishop Bezel to the Choir

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