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There is a machine for each of the five attributes:

  • Martial - Machine of Vengeance
  • Cunning - Machine of Despair
  • Intellect - Machine of Omens
  • Wickedness - Machine of Agony
  • Charisma - Machine of Gluttony

Constructing a machine causes anyone affected (generally all the other players) to lose 2 points in the associated attribute

Machines are constructed by first collecting the four manuscript pages for the machine. Each page will be labeled with the machine name and page x/4 (so 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4).

After all four pages are part of your tribute, you can select the "Manage Manuscript" order and the machine will be listed. If it is not listed, then you don't have all four pages (you might have miscounted because of a duplicate page or you might have the first few pages one machine and the last few of a different one).

Select the machine to build, the order slot to build it in (!can be important!), and pay the cost. You will need to manually put the four matching manuscript pages in to the cost box. It does not matter what order you put them in, but if you put 1-2 on the top row and 3-4 on the bottom, they do make a combined picture. Anything else in the box should will have no effect and will be lost (which can be use for getting rid of undesired manuscript pages).

The machine's effect will resolve on the order slot you build it, causing anyone effected to lose 2 points in the associated attribute. Although the loss won't prevent a rituals from being attempted, it should effect the chances of success if performed after the machine.

The Evil Sanctuary ability will protect you from all machines (found on The Bowl of Abject Darkness and randomly on places of power).

Machines will not effect your Blood Lord or Blood Vassal if you have one.

As with all multiple page manuscripts, owning one page will give an increased chance of obtaining the missing pages.

You can own multiples copies of a manuscript page, but even if you collect a second set, it appears you are limited to constructing at most one of each type of machine per turn.

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