The Bowl of Abject Darkness

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Type: Relic

Level: 4

Prestige +1: This relic grants +1 Prestige Point each turn to the owner only if it is placed in a Stronghold or Place of Power attachment slot

Evil Sanctuary: The Archfiend who controls this relic can never lose points in their attributes. The relic must be placed in a ritual slot inside the ritual chamber or attached to a place of power in order to be effective.


What was once part of you is now of me. Look into the liquid and see what squirms beneath its surface. In my body swim the little creatures made from your flesh. You put them inside of me, and now I must let them grow. Do not look at me with disgust when you have finished. It is because of you that I take this shape. --Etched into the side of the Bowl of Abject Darkness

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