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Type: Praetor

Loyalty: 4

Level: 2

HP: 11

Attack: 8

Defense: 9

Infernal: 0

Luck: 1

Melee +3: Add +3 to melee attribute

Collector of Artifacts: After a victory in battle, the chance to recover enemy artifacts is 100%


It was Haruspex Pilanza who selected the site for Pandemonium, however Mulciber lead its construction. Pandemonium was built from stone, iron, and unrefined sins collected from the time of Adam and Eve until the death of their great-grandchildren. Mulciber crafted Pandemonium’s design and saw to its completion through his establishment of the Order of Infernal Engineers, an organization that would later make several technological advances for life in our world. Mulciber’s chief subordinate engineer was Pontis. Pontis would later design and construct The Testament of Tyrants. --Encyclopedia Infernal

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