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Type: Praetor

Loyalty: 3

Level: 2

HP: 12

Attack: 10

Defense: 10

Infernal: 3

Luck: 2

Melee +5: Add +5 to melee attribute

Loyalty +3: Add +3 to legion's loyalty


Stand aside: for he, Temeluchas, is the vessel chosen to bring my wrath. When my mouth speaks, Temeluchas will be the cudgel that strikes the heads of my enemies. When my mouth falls silent, he will seek out those I shall speak against next. He will wear my seal upon his breast and will carry my authority over all the Underworld. He is the sharpness of my tooth and the broad muscles of my tail. --Transcript of an oration by Lucifer on occasion of Temeluchas’s assent to Lucifer’s Private Council, translated by Suffragan Pazul

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