The Amulet of Shadows

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Type: Relic

Level: 2

+3 Resist Deceit: Add +3 to any rolls of the Archfiend who controls this relic while defending against the Deceit Power of another Archfiend


The oldest version, of which I may speake scholastiklie upon, is a trincket called the Amulet of Incencerity or, as common lore would have it, the Amulet of Shadows, but that discussion will be left later to my treatise, for even though it embodies that which we deville folke are known this amultet is a canker against our kinde, falslie taking our own definition to better divide our kinde against each other. --From ”A Treatise on the Assumptions Generally Held by the Diabolic Folk in Regards to Their Relationship with Artifacts, Relics, and Other Items of Mystery” by Blackhorne (A2v-A3)

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