The Butcher

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Type: Praetor

Loyalty: 3

Level: 5

HP: 11

Attack: 14

Defense: 10

Infernal: 0

Luck: 3

As a Champion of Pandemonium, The Butcher is not purchasable from the Bazaar. Rather it is one of the praetors that must be defeated to become the new Champion of Pandemonium.


Bring me fresh meat! Bring me the meat! One can only marvel at his enthusiasm for dispatching the unworthy to Tartarean oblivion. Besides the aroma of freshly spilled Ichor, the smell of fear seeps from the floor of the Grand Arena as the Butcher plies his trade. Occasionally you hear a howl from the holding pens below but mostly the soft whimpering of those waiting for their turn with the Butcher. -- From "An Account of Philotormentius at the Grand Arena" vol. i

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