The Great Horn of Doom

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Type: Artifact

Level: 4

Panic: Before the battle starts an enemy legion (Places of Power are not affected) must roll a d6 and add its level. If the number is less than 10 then it must take d6 damage (but not equal to or more than its starting hit points) and have each combat attribute decreased by d6 as well

Level Roll +2: Add +2 to legion's level for purposes of combat and resistance rolls and determining the number of attachment slots

No Fly: The legion possessing this artifact may not fly


Bishop Fynovius claims that the Great Horn of Doom creates the winds passing through Hell. “When its call stops,” he writes, “the player passes air through the horn’s body and out its bell, causing the ground below to kick, swirl, and move about.” He writes as to why we have currents of air in an environment without natural means of weather, but I find this explanation unlikely. It seems to enflame the mysticism clouding most of our religious icons rather than providing a cogent explanation worthy of the bishop’s penmanship. --From a private note of Bishop Bezel

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