The Great Scythe

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Type: Artifact

Level: 4

Vampiric Reaping: When melee damage is dealt to an enemy, it must roll a d6 and add its level. If the number is less than 10 then the hit point damage is applied as healing to the attacking unit

Melee +2: Add +2 to melee attribute


The field is wet and ready. A tall figure with broken wings walks over the bodies. He turns his torso in a quiet rhythm and he leaves a swath of flesh and crooked limbs to his side. Some of the bodies shrink to the ground when they see the cut of the blade, yet they move little since they have grown to where the line of their breast rests just above the soil. Later, the air will dry and take on the arid feel of a desert, and the figure will return, collecting these pieces into the bed of a wain. --The Cephalic Prophecies

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