The Lance of the Leper King

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Type: Artifact

Level: 4

Leper King's Curse: When melee damage is dealt to an enemy, it must roll a d6 and add its level. If the number is less than 10 then damage equal to the half the unit's loyalty are dealt to the enemy at the beginning of every subsequent round of combat

Melee +3: Add +3 to melee attribute


The Lance of the Leper King dates from the first century after the fall of man. The Leper King, Jaharnam, was a Peer of the Underworld who saw to the construction of several monuments around the northern Styx basin, where the Utterdamme mountain range comes closest to the river. Jaharnam obsessed over preserving his identity and spent most of his time overseeing the construction of these works in spite of his waning health. He is survived by a monument of himself atop a dilapidated steed. A second one of him atop a war mammoth was never finished and was subsequently razed. --The Diabolic Encyclopedia

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