The Necronomonicus

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Type: Relic

Level: 4

Prestige +1: This relic grants +1 Prestige Point each turn to the owner only if it is placed in a Stronghold or Place of Power attachment slot

+1 Ritual Slot: The Archfiend who controls this relic gains an additional ritual slot (maximum of 5)


Behold! Thou shalt make three upon three circular cuts within the clay earth beneath your feet. Thou shalt fill these circles with the wine of a fresh bull [and then] thou shalt put its innards into a trough [and then] burn that trough at the feet of your deceased cousin. Thou shalt do this as the sun finds its place beneath the line of earth and sky, for the light will guide his spirit as it separates during night. --Translated excerpt from “The Necronomonicus” by the hand of Bishop Bezel

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