The Phylactery of Putrid Essence

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Type: Relic

Level: 5

Prestige +1: This relic grants +1 Prestige Point each turn to the owner only if it is placed in a Stronghold or Place of Power attachment slot

Demonic Flesh: The Archfiend who controls this relic gains the ability to perform the Demonic Flesh ritual. The relic must be placed in a ritual slot inside the ritual chamber in order for the ritual to become available for use.


Within this box is a pale-yellow liquid, acrid to the nose and sour to the tongue. Its consistency is that of milled bone wet by a thick substance such as blood. In the liquid are small, thin cuts of brimstone upon which are etched short phrases such as “We are all Lucifer Youth” and “Things grow in the absence of sun.” Other phrases carry less inspiration: “Often it is better to bite first” and “Powerful friends are best observed from atop the Tartarean lip.” --Encyclopedia Infernal

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