The Puzzle Cube

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Type: Relic

Level: 4

+2 Healing Rate: Add +2 to the Healing Rate of the Archfiend who controls this relic

Dimensional Gate: The Archfiend who controls this relic gains the ability to perform the Dimensional Gate ritual. The relic must be placed in a ritual slot inside the ritual chamber in order for the ritual to become available for use.


I’ve spent the better part of fourteen days running my fingers over the filigree of this tiny, metal cube. I’ve found one dial, I’ve turned it, and I’ve opened one of its sides to reveal a smaller cube trapped inside, but I cannot seem to set it free. The most lovely and soothing music pours from this inner box, and at least that’s respite from the life I now carry. Perhaps what’s said of its origin is true, but even if it were handcrafted by Lucifer himself its effects do me no good from where I stand. --Journal entry from Fynovus

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