The Queen of the Damned

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Type: Praetor

Loyalty: 3

Level: 6

HP: 9

Attack: 6

Defense: 7

Infernal: 12

Luck: 2

As a Champion of Pandemonium, The Queen of the Damned is not purchasable from the Bazaar. Rather she is one of the praetors that must be defeated to become the new Champion of Pandemonium.


She wields two blades that move with such rapidity that the eye can not discern one from the other. Nay only a shimmering haze is apparent before the pointed screech of pain is elicited from her opponent. She does not dispatch quickly preferring to bleed her antagonist slowly and seems to draw strength from the subtle agonizing decline in strength that follows each surgical cut. Doom by a thousand cuts has never been more real in the Grand Arena than when the Queen performs her ritual dance. - From "An Account of Philotormentius at the Grand Arena" vol. ii

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