The Skull of the Vile Saint

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Type: Relic

Level: 4

Prestige +1: This relic grants +1 Prestige Point each turn to the owner only if it is placed in a Stronghold or Place of Power attachment slot

+1 Command Rating: Add +1 to the Command Rating of the Archfiend who controls this relic


Tonight I drink from the bottom-side of an ivory and ash chalice. Palm and two fingers cup it by its grooves. Marrow, thick and yellow, boil within its hollow. And the smell of warming sulphur dances up in fumes. Tonight I drink to my longevity. To the pock-marked soil. To the grooves in my face that run like tilled land. I drink to my enemy. May his soul be cast further into the depths of Tartarus, and may I ride a voluminous steed of grey and petrified flesh. --A common toast often associated with drinking from the Vile Saint Skull

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