The Talisman of Greed

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Type: Relic

Level: 4

+2 Tribute Roll: Add +2 to the tribute roll of the Archfiend who controls this relic

+50% Manuscripts: Increases the chance that your minions will bring you Manuscripts when directed to search for them


I will attempt to separate the hearsay from the reality, as one would call it, for some of these items are truly power-full while others are simply trinckets built upon culture and mystycism. Take for example the Greed Talisman, who took sentient form while under the possession of Xlatroph and who systematickally destroyed X--’s war council on the eve of his infamous defeat: This is hearsay. --From “A Treatise on the Assumptions Generally Held by the Diabolic Folk in Regards to Their Relationship with Artifacts, Relics, and Other Items of Mystery” by Blackhorne (A2v)

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