The Throne of Skulls

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Type: Artifact

Level: 4

Seat of Command: Any attribute bonuses granted by a Praetor who is also attached to the same unit are tripled

Notes: It only triples the combat attributes of ranged, melee, and infernal. It does not triple loyalty or level roll bonuses.


“Let him sit.” “No, let him sleep.” “Yes, let him sleep and then let him wake and then eat.” “I prefer the eating first, then he may sleep or sit. I care not for one over the other.” “Well I care not for his presence.” “I second that. Let him rot somewhere else.” “You are fools.” “I fool?” “Yes.” “And who are you?” “I am Mulliver. And I am the right arm’s palm.” “Look everyone, it’s Mulliver. He’s the palm.” “Fie on you all.” --Transcript of a thousand voices from the Throne of Skulls

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