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Type: Praetor

Loyalty: 2

Level: 3

HP: 11

Attack: 8

Defense: 4

Infernal: 3

Luck: 1

Ranged +2: Add +2 to ranged attribute

Melee +2: Add +2 to melee attribute

Infernal +2: Add +2 to infernal attribute


Valefar has offered me seclusion until this unrest has passed. I may accept his offer, but I do so under knowledge of the rumors against him. It is said that he walked Traanyor to the mouth of Tartarus and submitted his old friend to its service--all to rid Traanyor’s accumulation of Choir favor. Valefar seems the most likely person to turn on a friend, but perhaps that is why I may now trust him. I leave in haste. --A note found on Bishop Bezel’s desk next to an unlit candle, a wax stick, and the bishop’s seal

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