Wyrrmm Mounts

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Type: Artifact

Level: 4

Trample: When melee damage is dealt to an enemy a bonus equal to half the unit's current hit points is added to the total damage

Swift +1: Add +1 to legion's move points

No Fly: The legion possessing this artifact may not fly


Mounts are not adult wyrmms. They are juvenile creatures whose body masses typically double during metamorphosis. Mounts rarely resemble the image of their adult form, they remain in larva state for nearly a century, and they peak in physical size and intellect four or five years prior to maturation. Since metamorphosed wyrmms have a short life cycle--typically one month for feeding and reproduction--juvenile wyrmms are preferred for their transportive and, occasionally, combative functions. Larvae spend most of their time underground, feeding off minerals of the land, and so their presence above ground is uncommon. --The Diabolic Encyclopedia

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